Due to the corona crisis, we are now in a time of ‘social distancing’… but this can also be an opportunity to increase our connectedness, through other channels. Similarly, we may have to ‘self-isolate’… but again, this is really about practicing self-care, and care of others.

So, it’s time to take care of…

your spiritual health…

We are currently developing our online meditation and prayer services – please check our THIS WEEK section for times and dates, and see our dedicated MEDITATION and PRAYER pages for further details, or contact the chaplains.

Many places of worship will now be closed owing to the latest government measures. However, there are churches and other places of worship that offer live streams, so you can still feel a part of a faith community. Have a look at the links posted on our PRAYER page (and please let us know of any others you can recommend)

 your mental health…

The Mind website has a special section on coronavirus and how to look after your wellbeing

The constant news stories on television, radio and on our phones can really raise anxiety levels. Consider ways to reduce your intake of news stories, that can feel alarming. Do you really need a push news notification on your phone every 5 minutes? Think about turning notifications off, and giving your mind a rest.

If you feel panicked or stressed, a simple breathing technique of breathing into 5 counts, and out to 7 counts can help.

You can also try spreading your hand out on your lap, and, using the index finger of your other hand, slowly trace the outline of your hand starting from your little finger and working around to your thumb, until you feel re-centred and present to yourself.

Taking time to hold an object – like a flower or a stone or some other object – feeling it and studying it closely can help to distract you and bring you back from your panic.

your physical health…

If your health allows it, think about ways to stay active. Try some yoga or stretching exercises – have a look on line for some home workout routines. Putting on your favourite tune and having a dance around is good too!

The Social Programme is now open to all UAL students – not just those in halls:

…and don’t forget about learning something new/fun/relaxing

why not turn these days into an opportunity to learn something new with inspirational Ted Talks or learn from the masters is a great place to find independent and art house films streamed online. Mubi is currently offering supporters of Bertha DocHouse a free three-month subscription to MUBI via Mubi is also FREE for students and staff at film schools including LCC – sign up at a website housing real life stories told by the people themselves cute pictures of different animals that will make you go “awwwww!” self-explanatory named site – you will find loads of informative stuff here online journal and not-for-profit project dedicated to the exploration of curious and compelling works from the history of art, literature, and ideas inspiring interior design