The chaplaincy is involved with a range of interfaith initiatives, including a local Interfaith Matters forum:


We welcome faith groups to UAL:

and visit local faith centres, including:

Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Temple

Radha Krishna Temple

Victoria Islamic Cultural & Education Centre


The Buddhist Society

Westminster Synagogue and Memorial Scrolls Museum


‘Since lockdown I’ve been studying a page of Talmud each evening. In the tractate I’m learning there is a well-known disagreement between two scholars, Hillel and Shammai. Eventually a voice emerges from heaven and declares: Elu ve-ulu divrei Elohim hayyim (“both this and also that are the words of God”). This is a plea for intellectual discourse that is respectful and humble: it encourages us to listen to different narratives and acknowledge them even where we disagree.’

— Elizabeth Harris-Sawczenko, Council of Christians and Jews