Background scenes

As many of us are now working from home, we are getting familiar with the background scenes in the video conferences that we use to connect remotely with our co-workers — complete with clutter, cats, half-naked co-habitees, etc… and there are plenty of amusing screen grabs of these being posted online. To avoid this, some people are using virtual backgrounds for their video calls — often images of places that they can’t actually go to now.

So for a change, we thought we would post images of some of the actual places that UAL students and staff can go to on their daily walk/run/cycle (depending on their situation of course — some people have to shield themselves indoors, and some countries have harder lockdowns — in which case you may have a special peaceful place in your home). Send your pictures to the chaplains and we will post them here (latest at top).

Statue of Gandhi in the calm centre of Tavistock Square, WC1
Kyran Joughin,  CCW UCU Branch Secretary

Roses, Caenthos, & Gingko (with earrings)
Alison Wallace, Wimbledon Library Assistant

Shielding at home
Louise Higgs, UAL Art Psychotherapist

The Lily of Lockdown
Oh beautiful Lily, heaven scent
Of sweetness, sublime
My journey you accompany,
Alongside clock…marking time

Neighbour’s garden with cheery blossom
Lesley Wilkins, LCC Staffing Administrator

Bluebell Wood, Bounds Green
Marie Kan, UAL Head of Counselling, Health Advice and Chaplaincy

The Round Pond, Kensington Gardens
Soon-han Choi, UAL Chaplaincy Associate Faith Advisor

Anti-hysteria with wisteria, St John’s Wood
Mark Dean, UAL Chaplain

Fairy street with tree ferns unfurling,  London N4
Nicky O’Donnell, CSM BA Ceramics student

Blossom in Morden
Alice Bloom, Wimbledon Academic Support Librarian

Regent’s Park
William Whitcombe, UAL Lead Chaplain

Bluebell Woods
Lou Ratcliffe, CCW Head of Finance