Zoom Hanukkah!

Harrie Cedar, one of our Jewish Faith Advisors, invites all staff and students to a ZOOM Hanukkah for 8 nights from 10th December, at 5pm every evening, except Friday 11 December when candles will be lit at 3pm.

“Each night I shall light candles and say very brief prayers. The first night (Thursday 10th December 5pm) I shall give a brief explanation. On the Saturday night I shall light Havdalah candles first to mark the end of Shabbat and then light Hanukah candles. Do join me for this light up in the darkness!”

Thursday 10 December 5pm
Friday 11 December at 3pm
then each night at 5pm until 17 December


Zoom meeting ID: 740 8825 7565
Passcode: 815405