Religion & Art Forum

Nina Danino, Stabat Mater, 1990, 16mm still

Following the Religion & Art symposium hosted by Goldsmiths Art Department in 2020, artists, theorists and PhD researchers expressed a keen interest in continuing these exchanges. This forum responds to that expression, with invited speakers presenting their work in an informal discussion and conversation forum. We are interested in a range of perspectives on questions of religion and art, with a focus on personal and collective experience and practice, rather than sociological or anthropological observation.

The Religion & Art forum took place on a monthly basis throughout 2021, online via Zoom from 6-8pm UK time, with invited participants presenting for up to 20 minutes each, followed by a Q&A and open discussion informally moderated by Nina Danino (Goldsmiths College) and Mark Dean (Arts Chaplaincy Projects).

Session 1:
Presenters: Holly Slingsby, Louisa Fairclough, Maurane Gadeau

Session 2:
Presenters: Alastair Gordon, Becky Beasley, Geraldine Franklin, Sarah White

Session 3:
Presenters: Adam Neikirk, Adrian Rifkin, Linda Mary Montano, Nina Danino

Session 4:
Presenters: Caroline Smith, Donna Matthews, Farouk Yahya, Sheona Beaumont

Session 5:
Presenters: Sr. Carolyn Morrison, Chris Zhongtian Yuan, M. Maria Walhout

Session 6:
Presenters: David Leal, Helen Blejerman, Mark Dean, Rachel Coombes

Session 7:
Presenters: David McCulloch, Emily Leon, Lucy Newman Cleeve, Nicora Gangi

Session 8:
Presenters: Christopher Clack, Jorella Andrews, Nathalia Bell, Pavlína Kašparová