St Paul’s Chelsea

Researching Art in the Cathedral



St Paul’s Chelsea is an open research project with students from University of the Arts London working with the art collection at St Paul’s Cathedral, which includes many historical monuments from the period of Empire. Participants will constructively and critically engage with this legacy within its contemporary context, led by Mary Evans, artist and BA Fine Art course leader, Chelsea College of Arts, and Dr Paula Gooder, theologian and Canon Chancellor, St Paul’s Cathedral. As well as original research conducted by students within the Cathedral and beyond, the project will be informed by research material generated by Pantheons: Sculpture at St Paul’s Cathedral, c.1796-1916. The project is coordinated by Mark Dean for Arts Chaplaincy Projects, and is bound by a commitment shared with the University and the Cathedral to equality, diversity, and social justice, especially in matters of education and community engagement. St Paul’s Chelsea will initially run for a period of one year, commencing October 2021, culminating in an exhibition in September 2022, with an interim exhibition in the spring. For further information, please contact Mark Dean (contact details below).