Mark Dean


Wood Beez

In common with many other artists showing here, I made this work at home — which is not so strange for me, as this is where I normally make my work. What has changed is that I am also working from home in all my other roles now, and somehow there hasn’t been the space to make art of late. This strange phenomenon (shouldn’t there be more time if you’re not travelling to work, going out in the evening, etc?) is shared by many people I know, so maybe it’s not just about physical time — indeed, that’s partly what The Spiritual Exercises project is all about. Anyway, I eventually found the necessary space, and made this piece using footage I’d taken on my daily walk a few weeks previously, of beekeepers in an urban park, clad in their PPE. I made it for my own consolation (and against desolation) but I dedicate it to everyone who is the same age now as Michael Clark was when he danced in the eponymous Scritti Politti music video in 1985 (and as portrayed in Cyan Dee’s beautiful painting elsewhere in this show).