The Anglican Chaplaincy to University of the Arts London is a partnership between the university and the Diocese of London (Church of England) as part of the University Chaplaincy Network.

We work as part of the Health & Wellbeing team at UAL, which aims to support the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of student life. In addition, the chaplaincy is available to all staff. Click here to read UAL’s Dean of Students Mark Crawley speaking about why the university supports the chaplaincy.

We also work alongside the university’s associate faith advisors, who support specific faith groups. However, as Anglican chaplains, we are here for people of all faiths and beliefs.

In accordance with the university’s Equality and Diversity Framework, we seek to address inequality and celebrate diversity, especially in terms of: age, caring responsibilities, disability, gender (or trans), nationality, race, religious belief (or no belief), sexual orientation, socio-economic class.  This is consistent with the diocesan pastoral mission to all the people of London; as St Paul’s Cathedral puts it, we believe in equality and diversity ‘because we are followers of Jesus Christ’.

We understand that religious practice and belief are complex and at times conflicted areas in our university, as in our city and our world, and we seek to do our part in engendering a spirit of open enquiry and mutual understanding.

This intention is reflected in our individual pastoral availability to all students and staff, and in our varied programme of activities, which includes specifically Anglican services, interfaith events  and non-aligned spiritual provision.

Please contact us for further information. We look forward to meeting you soon – William & Mark